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Community Action Group has been formed! -- "LRT for Kingsbridge" 

"Residents of Kingsbridge in central Mississauga,  gearing up for major political battle to bring a badly needed LRT station to their neighborhood" 

More than 10,000 people currently live in the Kingsbridge Community, which will increase dramatically as residential development continues, adding to the already exisiting nine large condominiums.

More than 1,000 people with disabilities regularly make their way to facilities in Kingsbridge. Safety and accessability are serious concerns!


"LRT for Kingsbridge" is a Community Action Group that is speaking for one of the most densely populated area's along the future Hurontario LRT line. There are over 12,000 residents within 200 meters of this proposed Kingsbridge stop. When the vacant land is developed, 10,000+ more residents will also need this station. There are over 500 office employees (high demand user) that require an LRT station at Kingsbridge & Hurontario today. The Kingsbridge station would be the highest utilized location for the 1,000+ people with disabilities along the Hurontario LRT line.


Ignoring the obligation for the Kingsbridge station allows the liability for public safety to be present indefinitely. It’s time to realize that the addition of this station isn’t just the best investment for the Hurontario LRT line, but is essential for the safety of the handicap and remaining population of Mississauga.



A Kingsbridge LRT station would accommodate the accessibility requirements of the patience visiting the medical center and the clients visiting the Tenants in the office building servicing people with accessibility needs.  This is the highest demand location for people with disabilities along the LRT line.



Based on a visual of the surrounding area, the intersection at Kingsbridge and Hurontario is easily one of the most densely populated residential areas in Mississauga.


It is also a highly developed commercial area of Mississauga with over 172,000 sq.ft of office space within walking distance of the proposed station location. 


The proposed location of the Kingsbridge LRT stop is unique because of the exciting development potential. The east side of Hurontario lends itself to massive future development. This development opportunity will be fueled by the construction of a LRT stop.



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